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Excavation, terrassement dans la région des Laurentides, rive nord de Montréal. Soucieuse de s'adapter à sa clientèle, l'équipe a décidé d'offrir un service complet en rénovation intérieure et extérieure sur la Rive-Sud et à Montréal. Three excavation seasons directed by the French Archaeological Mission on the island of Akab in the lagoon of Umm al-Qaiwain in the UAE have revealed traces of a big Neolithic settlement relationship to between 4750 to 3600 cal BC. Constructions built on posts have been revealed.
Connexe à notre spécialité, l'excavation, nous avons donc enlevé et transporté de grande quantité de terres polluées. https://prodagedemolition.com/a-propos/ : Archaeological evidence derived from, and related to, dog burials courting from the Archaic and Woodland periods suggests that this precontact rite of sacrificing canines represents a continuum that culminates within the canine feasts noticed in the post-contact period.
After three campaigns of excavation, the faunal remains collected at Tepe Düzen enable to obtain a first glimpse of the animal-man relationship through the Early Iron Age throughout the rapid vicinity of Sagalassos. Le matériel archéologique montre à la fois des affinités avec le nord et le sud: pour principal témoin, l'outillage lithique est typologiquement méridional mais il est taillé sur des supports de sort septentrionaux.
Ghirshman retired as head of the Delegation in 1967 and was succeeded by Steve, who continued the excavations that Ghirshman had begun in 1965 in the center of the Acropolis (Steve and Gasche, 1971; DETERMINE 1, no. 31). As well as, formal standards and pointers for the assessment and excavation of nineteenth-century domestic sites have solely recently been drafted (MCL 2004, 2006).
Nos équipes bénéficient des meilleurs outils pour effectuer tous types de travaux d'excavation, de démolition, de sciage de béton et forage de béton ainsi que de décontamination. About 2 km to the southwest of Sagalassos, on the opposite side of a dry-riverbed, the presence of another settlement was discovered on a wide flat space, called Tepe Düzen (Burdur province, SW-Turkey).

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